Thursday, November 8, 2007

Move Over Kids...Momma's Moving Back In

This summer was the summer of many disasters (or would the more spiritual term be trails). We had car trouble and decided we needed to by a new car (enter the minivan stage of my life and I LOVE IT!). Our Hot water heater needed to be replaced. We had plumbing problems (some of which we have yet to fix). Our AC went out in the middle of August in Texas for 3 WEEKS (talk about disaster)!!! When we finally got someone out to replace the unit that is in the attic, they lost their footing and fell through the ceiling in the garage. Luckily no one was injured, but we had insulation in all sorts of strange places and a hole for several weeks. Finally the air was fixed, the hole was repaired (and the guy who did the dry wall left an even greater mess), and life was back to normal.

Except for the fact that somewhere in this process the garage door came partially off the track and we thought for a moment that the new mini van was stuck inside the garage. We got the door up, back on the tracks, and moved the van out of the garage until we could get someone out to fix it (which is one more thing on the to do list). With the van out of the garage the kids had free reign and they gradually took over the entire thing with their ride-ons and bikes and I was left wondering what a nice and tidy garage looked like? How did we ever fit everything in here with the car and how in the world will we ever find the time to clean up all this insulation and dry-wall remnants? SIGH!!!

Well, today was the day! Small victory, but a sweet victory for me. Today, Trace took Aidan to school, I fed Becca and Andrew and we headed outside with the mega saucer for Andrew to play in. He got tired and I gladly put him and bed and continued working right until time to get Aidan from school. We all piled in the beloved minivan and picked him up. When we got home we had lunch, cleaned up the table, and headed back outside for a few more hours of playtime for the kids and work time for mommy. I finished the garage and moved the mama mobile back into the garage. At which point it was time for nap (thank God for naps). The kids took a nap, I took a bath. AHHH! Victory and time for relaxation! Such a sweet day.

This may not seem like much to many of you, but I can always tell the state of chaos in my life by the state of chaos (or stuff) all over my house. For the past several months, it has been chaos!!! We may not have a perfectly clean house on the inside, but I can always choose to sit in the garage and taste the sweetness of the small successes in my life. Today...Life is Good!

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