Friday, November 2, 2007

Hello Blogging World

Hi! I am officially a blogger, which is pretty crazy for me because I am completely behind the times. I mean, I do not:
  • own a flat screen TV, an IPOD, or Tivo
  • use my-space and I have difficulty navigating it
  • know how to text message and don't plan to learn anytime soon.

So why am I doing this? A few simple reasons. First, a few friends of mine blog and I have enjoyed reading their posts and staying caught up with them. I thought some of you may be curious about my life, however ordinary it may be. I get asked simple questions like how has your week been and my mind goes blank. I am terrible with communicating with people the fullness of my life, and with 3 small kids and a fabulous husband IT IS FULL! God has blessed us and I want to share of His goodness and blessings. I will update you with pictures of our family and some of the daily details of our life. I also want to share some of the things that you would not know if I didn't choose to share. So you may get to hear about some of the struggles and the joys of my life. Second, I stay at home with 3 small kids, I think I mentioned that a few times, and I feel like I do not have a good outlet for my thoughts. I feel often like I have something I want to share, but I do not do well with the phone and life gets crazy and I forget to journal so I am going to try this. Believe me, they are not life-changing thoughts that you will just die to read but they are mine and so I would love to share them if you want to read them. And Finally, it is largely for me to share what God is teaching me and how He is shaping me. I can imagine that most of my entries will be more for me than for you. I will try my best to be open and honest. I may not articulate what I am trying to say all that well, but be patient with me I will try, and hopefully I will get better.

Well, I am now officially a blogger...never thought I would say that. Let the fun begin!

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