Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Favorite Tradition

I just took down our annual Thanksgiving Tree. For the last three years we have made a tree from sticks and paper leaves and we write the things we are thankful for on the leaves at dinner on the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Then I take down our tree and copy everything onto a piece of paper that I keep. It is one of my favorite family traditions that I hope to continue for many years to come! This year the kids felt a need to list as many things as they could think of, which was great, especially since Thanksgiving snuck up on me and we only had three nights to do our leaves. Here are some of my favorite things that were mentioned (there are many more but I will only bore you with a few):
My list included hearing Aidan and Rebecca sing songs to God, the kids laughter and smiles, the new addition to our family this year (Andrew), and Aidan's newly discovered artistic ability.
Aidan is thankful for his family, himself, the oldest member of our family, our money (aka daddy's job), Andrew laughing, UNO, Jesus, and meat and cheese sandwiches (Like father like son).
Rebecca is thankful for going pee pee and poo poo in the potty, PB&J, Pink and purple, the stars, Daddy, Aidan, Andrew laughing, Mimi, Papa, Gran, and Bob (did you notice whose name is not on the list because I did), and a cookie (my kind of girl). She also spontaneously transferred the idea of thankfulness to prayer and insisted I write that Becca prays for Andrew, Becca, and Aidan to obey mommy and daddy. I thought that was sweet because when we pray we give thanks to God so it made perfect sense to her to pray for them.
And Last was daddy's leafs which, are always my favorite. He is thankful for competitive Uno, Cinderella's who wake up early, Aidan's "awesome God", and eyes that stay blue. Sweet Huh? I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We have so many gifts, I cannot name them all.


Hannah E. said...

Cute tree! I need creative friends like you in my life so I can steal good ideas like that.

I'm just now getting caught up on blog-reading, so instead of going back and commenting on your last several posts, I'll just do it here and tell you, first of all, that I loved hearing you share your story in the previous post. I know you've told me before, but I was crying as I read it today. Thanks for being so real about all of it - God gets so much glory that way - from authentic stories of healing grace. Your story blesses. It really does. Makes me want to know more of Him too.

Love your thoughts on parenting. I agree with them, as well as share your questions. I'm no help there. =)

And your comment about Andrew's head actually being small made me laugh out loud. Just so you know... I've never thought once that he had a big head. His head is precious!

brianna saban said...

i have been waaaaaaaaay behind on my blog reading. i just caught up on yours.
wow. you are really living a christian life. there's nothing 'lukewarm' about you! i admire that so much. you are such a wonderful person. thanks for sharing your life so openly and so honestly.
i really hope we can get our families together this holiday.
we always enjoy your visits.
say hi to trace and the fam for us.

love you,
~bri x0x0x0x0