Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pirate Potty

For months now we have talked about potty training. Trying desperately to get Andrew excited about using the potty. One day Rebecca got him to do this.

I was excited...hoping she was going to handle the whole thing for me. But I was wrong. That was the only day he sat on the potty for months. Then about a week ago I decided to pick up some Toy Story underwear and start trying to get him excited again. I cleared a couple days off to be at home and focus on this only, but Andrew was finally excited about big boy underwear. He didn't want to wait and I didn't want to spoil the excitement. In two days he was pretty much potty trained. We have had a few accidents, but he got it and got it fast. The trick for us was 4 things:
1. Waiting until he was 3
2. Bribing him with candy (I was shocked what a strong motivator this was for him)
3. Bribing him with a toy after so many successful #2's (that was a little scarier and no, I am not above bribing my kids)
4. The Pirate Potty book that I read to him on the potty and gave him stickers on his hat when he went. Meet Pirate Andrew who successfully is using the potty!!!! YAY! So proud of my big boy! Really not a baby! So Bittersweet.


Kate said...

Wow! You have been playing major catch up on your blog! Love all the pictures. Congrats on potty training!

Amanda said...

W2G!!! Thats so great! Your kiddos are so amazing, and sweet!