Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last set of house updates

Here are a few more changes to the house. Not the best quality of all the pictures, but you can see that there has been improvement (of course that would have been hard to not see).

Here is the hallway right after we moved in (everything is just dropped in that room you see).
And here is the hallway now, standing at the other end of the hall. That wooden door has also been painted white, but that was not finished yet and the basketball goal is a permanent fixture in the hallway. I think it is my 7 year olds most prized possession.

Here is the rest of the hallway...

And now bathroom #1. A close up of the beautiful wallpaper.

And here is another shot of the same bathroom. The lighting was horrible, I have no idea why you would box it in that way.

This was our solution:
And here it is once the box is removed, molding is added, and the cabinets are painted.

One last view:
Now to bathroom #2. This is a very hard room to photograph.
Here it is all painted and much improved.
One last view:
Lastly, here is Aidan's room. I don't have a before, but it was a pretty plain room. Here it is finished with my kids and nieces all piled in during our last visit

And this is the Long Overdue picture that I never posted of the boys first night in bunk beds
And sweet Andrew's first night in a big boy bed. This was taken August of last year. Can't believe how the time has flown!

So there you have it. Here is our little home. Thanks for checking in. I will keep adding updates to catch you up in the days ahead!

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