Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rebecca's 5th Birthday

Rebecca turned 5 in April. We celebrated by having a few friends join us for painting at Piddlin Pottery and then come over for cake and some jewelry making. We had a great time! Here are some pictures.

Sweet Friends
The girls and their painting

The Cake. Rebecca gave me know more guidance than a pink theme. So I set off to find a cute cake that I could make and that would look right pink. This is what we settled on. Pink sunglasses and pink flower cupcakes.

Rebecca learned how to read this year so we wanted to get her a grown up bible. She is so sweet and actually reads it. She has just about finished reading the 10 plagues (totally on her own initiative). Kind of a strange place to start studying your bible. Maybe she will have a good, healthy fear of our Lord.

And her Pink Razor

Rebecca, you are growing and maturing all the time. I love the girl you are becoming. You add a lot of fun and joy to our home! Thanks for being you! I praise the Lord for letting me be your mommy.

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