Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Final (pre-trip) Mexico Monday

OK, I know that it is Tuesday, but how can I not post (even if it is late)? Our family is leaving early Thursday morning. We will spend a day and half in South Padre at the beach before we meet up with our team to cross the border into Mexico on Saturday and we will head back the following Friday morning. We will be in Matamoros at an orphanage called Matamoros Children's Home. Trace is going to help lead the recreational part of VBS and I will be working with the 3-7 year olds teaching a small group for VBS. We will also have a medical team that works in the community and we hope to both get to go out at least once and help there also (that all depends on the kiddos though). The final part of the trip will be a construction team that will be building some type of pig pen.

I cannot express the level of excitement that I have in regards to this trip. These weeks of preparation and prayer have left me with a sense of eager expectation as I wait to see what the Lord desires to do on and through this trip...not simply for the Mexican citizens that we get to love on, but for all the Americans that make the trip, for my kids, for my husband, and for myself. I just found this verse and it is a perfect expression of what I am feeling. Here are some of the requests I desire to lay before the Lord:

1. Safety for all families as we make the long drive and cross the border. Also, please pray for health and REST (translates to sleep for the kids and parents) for the entire team while we are there.
2. That the team would mesh perfectly and that everyone will see their role. Pray for true christian community and fellowship for our team. Pray also for our family that we will be brought closer together during this time. Pray that we will be able to remain flexible and laid back.
3. Connection with the VBS kids and translators. That the Lord would work in each of their hearts. Pray also that all 3 of my kids and the other kids on the trip will see that they are valuable and can be used by the Lord. Pray for friendships with the Mexican children and lots and lots of laughter!!!
4. That we see the Lords hand clearly and that we return from our trip boldly praising Him for all He is going to do.
5. Please pray for Trace's work. Pray that he is able to reach a stopping point before we leave and is able to get away without leaving loose ends. Pray also for him when he returns. This is an extremely busy time and we will be gone for a week and a half. Pray that he can make a smooth return to work after our trip.

I know some of these are repetitive from previous weeks, but these are the things that are heavy on my heart at this time. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your prayers! I will be so excited to let you know how the Lord answered them when we get back.

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