Sunday, June 29, 2008


Summer is flying by! That is especially sad for me because I will be sending my oldest baby boy off to school in the fall. I have never even sent my kids to full day preschool or anything of the such so this feels like too much time away. Regardless I know that the time is right and I know the Lord will be with him whether I am or not, so I try not to worry and I try not to be sad (the reality is that I do a little of both). Anyways, I got on here to post some pictures that I have been meaning to post for a while. We have enjoyed all the water fun this summer, including fun at a local sprayground, the slip n slide in the front yard, the pool, and the baby pool in our back yard. Here are some new pictures of the fun. Enjoy!

This boy loves the water and just crawls all over the place.

I love this open mouth shot.
The good 'ole slip n slide. Look at that action shot.
Little Miss Dainty (for a second)

This is the first time Andrew discovered this classic red car. He just loved it...if only his sister would get out of the way.
We just celebrated Lauren's 3rd Birthday. She is the one in the pink shirt, bored of all the pictures. This is the only attempt of a picture with all my kids and all my brothers kids.
Cousin Lynsey, Rebecca, and Aidan.
Happy, Happy Birthday Little Lauren. I was remembering coming to the hospital to see you with little Rebecca on my shoulder when you were born. It is amazing how time flies and life changes. You add to our family and we were happy to celebrate you! Happy Birthday!

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