Thursday, June 19, 2008

About Casa Hogar

Casa Hogar is the Children's Home that we stayed at in Mexico. I hope that this post along with a few pictures gives you a feel for Casa Hogar. It is full of small "homes" that the children stay in. They have a boys side and a girls side complete with a play area for the girls and one for the boys. Each home has a set of house parents. Some of the kids that are at Casa Hogar are sent by their family and pay as much as they can, because that is the best way they can provide for their kids. Many of the kids are sent there by the state for various reasons, including living on the streets and being in dangerous situations. This is an amazing place and God has blessed this ministry. I was so impressed with how polite the children were, especially the older boys and girls who had been around for a while and really learned the ropes. The children's home is run by Dr. Comacho and his wife Maria.

Both Dr. Comacho and Maria grew up at Casa Hogar. After completing the program they decided to get married and Dr. Comacho went on to medical school. They later returned because they had a heart for this place. They have three children of there own and live daily with the 180 children that are at Casa Hogar. They live out love, grace, and hope. They live in one of the small homes just like the children. They exude light and kindness. I was so touched by this story. I was so touched to know that the Lord placed Dr. Comacho in this place to raise him to be a leader for Him and to point these children to Jesus Christ and Dr. and Mrs. Comacho are faithful to do this. These kids are learning the word of God. His truth is being planted in their hearts. I may get this number wrong, but I was told that 40% of the children who complete their time at Casa Hogar and graduate will go into the ministry. Many others go on to receive secondary education. The children's Home partners with local churches to spread the name of Jesus Christ to those who live around them. It is a powerful ministry and it was a privilege to get to see it up close.

This is Casa Hogar when you first enter. It is wonderfully maintained, has lots of space and is really a safe haven for the kids here and those who visit.
This is a picture from the girl's side of Casa Hogar. The yellow buildings you see are some of the houses and they surround a courtyard/play area.
This is the girls play set.
And who can forget the pigpen. Some of the boys help take care of pigs to help raise funds for the children's home.
And this is one of the scary, huge pigs that eagerly greets you when you enter the pigpen.
Did I forget to mention the chicken coop?

And I just love this picture. It shows the new, large cafeteria that also serves as a meeting hall and a place to hold church. It is nice, but don't be is still very hot in here. Central heat and air is not a luxury they have. We Americans sweated it out during our movie night and dinner that we had here. The large field you see is where many of the boys spend much of there free time guessed it, Soccer.
And I wanted to let you know that I was looking around on the website for Casa Hogar today and I found places and info about how you can help. They do have a program that allows people to sponsor children and support this ministry in various ways. Check it out!
I will post some other more fun pictures of the kids in the days to come and give you a better idea of what our days were like. A little at a time, but I will get to it. And just in case you want more info and don't feel like waiting go check out Shannon's blog and see what she has had to say so far. She gave a brief day by day recap of our trip.

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