Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tickled Pink

Last night was one if those family nights I wish we had all the time. We had dinner together and I made something that meets the kids approval, so we ate with no complaining and happy kids. Then all three of my kids proceeded to do things that I found simply adorable, or at least amusing. They are my kids so most of you will not get the same joy that I did, but I will share anyways.
First of all, I have enjoyed watching Andrew play now that he can sit up and sort of roll to get the things he wants to play with. In the last few days, every time I sit him down in arms reach of a mass of rattles and small baby toys he always seem to find these little plastic balls. I know it is such a small thing but it is adorable to me that may baby boy is already choosing to play ball.

Second was Ms. Becca. Last night she took a bunch of her baby dolls and stuffed animals and she lined them up, some in a chair and some on the floor in my room and she got out her little toy camera. She then took pictures of her babies. Any idea where she learned that???

And then there was sweet Aidan who is growing before my eyes. It shocks me to see him take on a boyish sense of humor rather than acting like a toddler. He is really developing his own style, and though it may be a little wacky it is all his and I love watching it happen. After bath last night the boy hiked up his boxer shorts all the way to his chest and he laughed and laughed. He even ran into the living room to show his daddy how funny he was. It is pretty cute when you get to watch you own kids amuse themselves. This was totally for his own pleasure because no one else found the Steve Erkel (you know you remember him) get up to be quite as entertaining as he did. Trace told me I could not post this picture because it is if it soon disappears you know why. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Then about 15 minute after putting Andrew in bed I heard him crying. I went to get him and brought him in the living room. He immediately quit crying and started smiling. The little stinker was faking, but because he is my third baby and very likely my last I threw Babywise out the window and enjoyed him. I rocked him and smiled at him, he laughed at me, I laughed back. This went on for a while. I asked my husband at one point if he thought he was making fun of me already? It was such a sweet moment that I know I will treasure. He is changing so much lately, I want to hold on to every moment I can.

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brianna saban said...

your kids are so so sweet.
i LOVE how miss becca whipped out the camera for her babies.

your kids are very special (did i already mention that?)

much love,