Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's not just a workout, it's a lifestyle

That's the motto from the gym that I just got back from. It was the first trip in months and I am determined it won't be the last, that is why I am blogging it...I need accountability people. I guess you could say it is a new year resolution, although I don't really like to admit that I make those. For some reason they just seem silly to me and I guess they have a bad rap since most people don't really follow through. Trace and I discussed it during our car ride and we have made a plan. I think it is an attainable plan (just 3 times a week, two of which are together) we just need some discipline. So I am back, I am tired, and I am hungry...maybe I'll get really crazy and choose an apple rather than junk, that may just be pushing it though.


brianna saban said...

screw the apple.
grab a twinkie and call it a day:)

i think about working out a lot.
and that exhausts me, so i stop thinking about it.

keep me updated:)


Hannah E. said...

I might have been more helpful about the working out part - BEFORE I got pregnant. (Never the eating healthy part!) I'm hoping to start back soon though. I changed gyms and childcare isn't optimal at the new place, so I feel more limited in when I can go. So in the cheap $1 section at the front of Target yesterday, I bought some little weights to hopefully compensate at home for what I'm missing. You can ask me about it any time for accountability, and I'll ask you.