Thursday, January 31, 2008


YUCK! I am at home with the flu. I have spent as much time as possible with my kids in front of the TV while I sleep, for the last two days. My bad mother guilt is beginning to kick in, but I am too tired and feel too crummy to care. On top of that, we never made it in to get all the kids vaccinated for the flu this year...I know, more bad mommy guilt. Aidan did get the vaccine, because they had it when he went in for a check up, but the other two kiddos did not ever get one. I am going to ask you to say a prayer of protection for Rebecca and especially for Andrew! I know the flu can be especially bad for babies and I don't know if I can handle watching my baby be as miserable as I feel.
I do have a few exciting things to blog about, but for now I want sleep so that will have to come later.


Hannah E. said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. I'll be praying for those sweet kids to stay well. Don't worry about the tv thing....they'll "re-train." =) Jonah watching tv all day most days was the only way I survived pregnancy sickness, and that was for months and we're past that and don't have any bad habits associated with it! So they'll be fine, life will get back to normal soon, and you need to STOP with any of the mommy guilt over that!

And way to build the suspense for when you return to health and blog some more!

brianna saban said...

being sick SUCKS.
i had it the very worst the year i got the supposed vaccine!
after that-no more flu shots for us.

this too shall pass.
i hope quickly.
your kids will be fine.
i know it.

can't wait to hear what you have going on in your head...