Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Look

My blog just got a total revamp thanks to my sweet, creative, talented friend Brianna. The old header was replaced by more current pictures that were taken recently when we visited the Saban family. Brianna is a great photographer and I get super excited whenever she takes our pictures! Too bad she doesn't live closer, but if you are ever in the New Mexico area let me know and I will connect you. It would be worth it!

Brianna made the header for me and I love it, however it made the old background look funny so I changed it. I like this one much better. Change is good from time to time. Brianna has some more pictures of our family posted on her blog. Go check them out if you would like and while you are there take a look around and tell her how much you like her work. We all like to get our feathers fluffed every once in a while and she deserves it! You Rock Bri!


Kate said...

I love the pictures! What a beautiful family you have!

brianna saban said...

oooooOOOoh, i love your new background!

i'll be sending you the cd this week.

thanks for the props on your blog.
very sweet.


Hannah E. said...

Those are really fun pictures! I also like the shower idea in your previous post...I'll have to save that one in my memory.
Thanks for being available today to pray!

sondra german said...

very pretty.

Liz said...

Love the new look!

Melissa said...

She did a great job! I love the new look too! I really love the family picture banner at the top. She's VERY talented!