Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sweet Andrew Thomas is 20 months old. I have been wanting to do a blog post all about him for a while now so here goes...

He is a ball of energy. He loves all things boy. He runs, jumps, and climbs all the time. He is super sweet and has a smile on his face much of the day, but just tell him no if you want to change that! He really believes that he should get his way ALL of the time!

He is silly! He loves to make faces at people and mimic all sorts of noises. He has the most precious giggle and he loves people! He chases his brother and sister around and likes to sword fight with them even when they aren't ready or looking. He is one tough little guy! He falls more often and harder than any child we have had. He wants a hug and a kiss with a little sympathy and then he is good to go. He has had weeks at a time when he has had a knot on his head from a fall and he repeatedly hits it and makes it worse and more bruised looking. He loves to play with balls and to play cars. We have this large storage tub full of cars and he drags it down the hall to me to have me open it for him almost daily. He will sit and make and engine noise with the cars for large chunks of time.

He is learning to talk more clearly. He says many words, but a few that come to mind are NO, chok (this is my attempt to spell how he says OK), doggie, where daddy (with arms out as if asking), ba(ball), and Chadow(Shadow- which is Gran's dog).
He loves to be outside and the minute someone is near the door or talking about going he is at the coat closet trying to get someone to give him his coat. He could stay outside all day long. He climbs and slides, and swings to his little hearts content when we go to the park.

He is super sweet! He doesn't sit still for long, but I cannot tell you how many times a day he comes to me, climbs in my lap, and gives me a kiss (which is just when he pushes his closed mouth to my face). He even will come and put his face in mine so we can rub noses. Absolutely adorable. What joy these moments bring to this mom's heart! He is the baby and he has captured a special place in my heart! I adore him. I laugh at him over and over during the day. He is a precious gift from above! God, thank you for Andrew. May we never take even a moment with him for granted!

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Melissa said...

Andrew Thomas...I love that name! He is a doll! You need to video them sometime so "Aunti Melissa" (hehe) can here their voices!

What a cutie!

Melissa :D