Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up with many pictures!

Sorry about my little out of town blogging break turned into an in town blogging break. This past week was long and tiring for all of us and I had many things to do to get our home back in order. We also got the privilege of making 2 trips to the doctor last week, which literally is THE BIGGEST time sucker ever. I am amazed at how long it can take to get in and out at the doctors office! One appointment was just a 6 year check up for Aidan (that I had to reschedule after completely forgetting to go) and the other was to get Andrew's ears checked. He did have an ear infection and has been on an antibiotic for about a week. Well, enough about all that boring stuff. Let's do a little catching up.

We enjoyed our time in New Mexico with Trace's family. We spent several days in Clovis with Trace's mom, dad, and his sister. The kids got to have their 3rd Christmas there. They were truly spoiled this Christmas between everyone. Everyone got something that they loved and have played with, but Rebecca was given a jewelry box by Gran (Trace's mom) and some new jewelry that she has carried around with her everywhere. When she opened her necklace she said "this is what I have been waiting for". So cute and easy to please. Sometimes I think that we overdue things for our kids, because we don't understand how easy to please they can really be. This year I have been challenged to realize that much of our gift giving is really more for me than them. We have resolved to have a more simple Christmas next year, especially in regards to the gifts we give to our children. We are still praying about what that looks like for our family, but we know that our kids do not "need" all that they receive. It was so fun to see them open their presents, but there were moments that I could see that they were completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. I have this tendency to compare what we do and call it small compared to people who do more, rather than just looking at what is right for this little family of mine.

After our time in Clovis we went to Albuquerque where we spent time with Trace's best friend from college and his family and then also at his sister's house there. We always enjoy our time with the Saban family. They have 3 precious boys and we always have real, good conversation with them. I love their openness, honesty, and the fact that they just crack me up! We always stay up much too late when we visit! Then we spent a few days with Trace's sister and enjoyed a great trip to the aquarium. The kids have all fallen in love with dear aunt Susan. Here are a few pictures of our Albuquerque fun.

Attempting a family picture at the aquarium

Susan, Aidan, and the Jellyfish

Susan and all the kids, Trace and I just sat back and watched.

Andrew makes a slam dunk
Sweet Asher clapping for himself and his big shot!
Parker and Becca playing Guess Who
Somehow I got no pictures of the adults or Spencer - we have got to do better next time!

When we returned to Clovis Trace's dad wasn't feeling great so he sort of hung low. We hated not getting to enjoy our time with him. The kids loved hanging out with Gran, playing games with their family, both on the computer and off, and getting dessert everyday while we were gone. Here are some pictures from our time in Clovis.

Aidan, Becca, and Gran (Gran says she hates pictures of herself so she will probably kill me for posting this, but I think it is sweet!)
Andrew and Grandpa Bob
Aunt Susan and Andrew
Oh ya, I almost forgot. Andrew got his first haircut in Clovis and he hated it! He didn't have much to cut but he had a fuzzy tail that needed to go so we said goodbye to it with many tears.
He cried so much we tried this.
Sitting with mommy didn't help all that much either. He wanted them to leave him alone!

We finally made it back to Tyler late Saturday night. We stayed indoors all day Sunday, trying to unpack and rest. School started Monday as well as all our normal activities so we were off and running. By Friday we were all worn out. This weekend was pretty laid back and was much needed. I think we are finally hitting our stride again.

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Melissa said...

You have been busy! Let me tell you, I love your shoes in you "family picture". They are sooo cute! I'm just very observant! :D

Poor Andrew, he was scared, wasn't he? I'm sure he looks sharp though!

I'm glad you had a great Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Melisa :D