Monday, December 22, 2008

More Christmas Activites

A trip to Santa Land is a holiday favorite for my kids. We went last week and had a great time together. We opted to go on a tractor ride rather than drive through ourselves. It is more fun to be out in the open and you can see everything so much better. Here are a few pictures we took:

I also gave the kids $4.00 each this year and we went to the Dollar tree. They got to pick something out for their siblings, mom, and dad. It was really cute to watch them look for just the right gift. There was one point that Rebecca saw her gift so Aidan put it back and picked another item. When it was apparent this was going to be a problem I found somthing they could use to hide their gifts. They had a great time shopping for eachother and for us and are excited about giving their gifts on Christmas morning. Here are my little shoppers:

Only 2 days until Christmas!

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sondra german said...

dollar tree... what a great idea!