Monday, December 22, 2008

A Breakfast Brunch

Last week I hosted a simple brunch for my Moms in Touch group. I made an egg casserole a sweet cherry pastry and had another mom bring fruit. These ladies are truly a gift in my life. There is just something that bonds people who pray together! These ladies stand with me every week to pray for my kids and they pray for my family throughout the week. God is using these ladies to teach me about Christian community, His family. They may not the women I spend most of my time with or the ones know the best, but they are family! We are united around our Savior through prayer. It is a wonderful way to be united. This Christmas I am thanking the Lord for these women.

I planned the brunch to be a super causal paper plate kind of get together, but as it got closer I decided I wanted them to feel special. I pulled out my nice china and made simple ornament place holders. It was a fun little retreat in the midst of busyness and a chance to spend some time getting to know one another. Isn't that ironic...most friendships are built through time spent being together getting to know each other, these are built through prayer. Ladies, you are a gift!

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Hannah E. said...

Friendships built through prayer are THE BEST. And through serving. That's how you really get to know someone know their heart that way. When I was in Bartlesville, I had a group of women I met with weekly to pray for our women's ministry, and I feel like it's THE main reason I lived there for two years. I can't even express how meaningful those relationships were. So I know exactly what you mean about how special these things are. And it's interesting how rare they can be! It should be easy...this is just how Christian community works. I wonder why I don't pursue it and initiate it more.

By the way, the table looks pretty, and I really like the ornament placecards! I'll steal it for next year. =)