Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas #1

We hosted Christmas with my side of the family here at our home. My brother, his wife, and girls came down and my parents and younger siblings all came over. We spent the day together playing, eating, and opening presents. It was a quick Celebration but a fun one. Thought I would post some pictures.

Andrew found a good place to snuggle up and made himself at home with Aunt Audra

Mom and Lil' sis Traci
Mom and her first set of kids

Aunt Traci with Aidan and Lynsey

Aidan and Lynsey

Somehow Rebecca and Lauren managed to miss all the photos and so did my brother Greg and my dad. We will have to do better next time. Andrew got to be the center of attention for a while at dinner. He was the only kid that sat at the grown up table (because that is where his booster seat was) and he turned into quite the ham. He hadeveryone laughing and he loved every bit of his moment in the spotlight. When you are child #3 those moments are few and far between so you have to enjoy them while they last and he sure did.
It's Christmas Eve Day! Enjoy!

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