Friday, December 28, 2007

Little Suprises

We had a very sweet and full Christmas. My favorite gift this year was a letter from my sweet husband. He called it my Christmas letter and wrote in it all those things he wants to say, but often does not say. It made me cry and I felt very loved. My favorite gift that we are giving is some cobblestone pavers that have either the kids hand print or footprint on them. Their grandmother is an avid gardener and I think she will love them. The best gift for the kids was a trampoline that has already provided enough laughter to make it worth the price.
So after preparing for Christmas, doing holiday baking, and scurrying around getting thoroughly exhausted, we have said goodbye to my brother and his sweet family and I spent the day yesterday washing cloths and preparing to leave for New Mexico to see Trace's family. I think it was midnight last night when I commented to my husband that "with 3 kids we really needed to look into getting some extra luggage. I mean just look at all this stuff I have to pack". To which he replied "well, it is ten days". Panic set in...Did you just say 10 days? I thought we were coming back in one week, next Friday. Come to find out that the plan is to come back on that Sunday. I cannot blame my husband, that was the plan all along...and come to think of it I think I knew that at one point in time. However, I had gotten Friday stuck in my head. One week is a long time with 3 little kids (especially when the baby is just recovering from RSV...I did consult with the doctor about going on the trip and he gave an OK), but now we are adding 2 more full days. 2 days should really make little difference, but wow, I was overwhelmed. At that point, I decided to just go to bed and do the rest in the morning, after all we are going to be there for an eternity, why does it matter if we leave an hour or two late.
You know, I used to comment on how some couples communicated so poorly. I mean how could you not talk about certain things, well with baby number 3 our communication went out the window. Suddenly, life was too full to talk about everything and my memory was to fried to remember anything so why even bother talking about it. I guess God wanted to show me that I have no business concerning myself with how much other couples communicate and I will never judge people for forgetting to tell there spouses some details, no matter how much they may need to know them. Our vacation plans are pretty relevant to me and you see how much I knew. Well, I really should be packing right now so i better go. I very likely will not get a chance to post for the next 10 days so the few people who read this just know I will check in if I can and I will return in January...Happy New Year!


brianna saban said...

can't wait to see you guys:)


brianna saban said...

i'm not even CLOSE to done editing your pics...but i had to post that one of andrew cuz he is just too gorgeous.

i'll let you know when the rest are ready:)

LOVED having you guys here. it's alwasy really special and fun to have you and the fam around.

much love sister,