Thursday, December 20, 2007

Memories in the Making

We have been busy with the holidays for the last week or so. I have not had much time to post about our activities so I thought I would post our life in pictures. Here goes nothing...

Making chocolate covered pretzel sticks...Does anyone have a better tip on where to put these to let them dry?

Please note the sprinkles in the chair. This is just a small sample of what was on the floor. Is baking with kids really worth it? And please tell me why anyone would ever invent white tiles?

All Aboard! Before boarding the Polar Express Train. Such a good time!

Are they not adorable in their matching PJ's, even if they aren't Christmasie.

Getting our tickets stamped, just like the movie. They loved this part!

See how tightly he is grabbing his ticket. I really think that he thought he would have to go up front with the engineer if he lost it. They kept close watch on the tickets for us all.

Baby Love!

Santa is on the train, where?

This kid was nuts for Santa, He was madly screaming "Santa, Santa" over and over. I am not sure my kids knew what to think of him

Our bells! When we got home Aidan said this was his first gift this year, but Becca quickly corrected him and let him know it was not a present, it was just a bell.


The Boys and the bell

Our red train as Becca says.

We had such a good time singing Christmas carols and drinking hot chocolate on the train. If you get a chance to do this you should. It really was fun...just riding the train was neat. Merry Christmas. More pictures will be coming soon, you can count on that. What is there 5 days till Christmas...Crazy!

Much Love!

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brianna saban said...

we did the polar express in colorado last year.
it was SO MUCH work for such a short train ride...but the kids liked it- so that was worth it.
we don't do santa at our our kids kept looking at us and rolling their eyes when the "fake santa" came around to give out bells. laurence and i were cracking up...
LOVE these pics!
christa, you look SO SKINNY!!!!
(and beautiful)
eat some cookies mama!!!