Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bah Humbug

I have a confession to make...I am trying to muster up the Christmas spirit and it just is not happening! I don't know what my deal is, but I am finding myself extremely hormonal and tired lately (No, I am not pregnant!). I usually love Christmas! But this year, I just can't seem to get excited about baking, shopping, and wrapping presents. I think it will come, but right now I am more concerned with surviving the days. Lately it feels like survival takes all the energy I have. However nobody, including myself, likes a scrooge at Christmas so...I decided I will admit my feelings of defeat this holiday season and simply get over it! I am complaining right now for the next few minutes and then I will suck it up and have a good attitude! My kids are huge gifts in my life! HUGE!!! I cannot say that enough, but lately it has felt like they are trying to make me cry. Everything we do is hard. We have to make 10 thousand trips to the potty everywhere we go. We always forget something that mom has to go back inside to get or else choose to listen to much crying. Obedience is a once forgotten characteristic. The laundry is winning the battle at my house right now and I want nothing more than to curl up with a good book and hide from the world and my kids for a day or two. However, I do realize that this is not an option so this is what I have resolved to do...I will finish putting up my Christmas decorations today! I will listen to Christmas music and sing loudly. I will begin working on my Christmas letter very soon and I will pick out Christmas cards or try to get a good photo (not an easy feat as I have mentioned before). I will make some lists and plans. I will set aside several baking days, even though I do not want to bake and I will even invite the kids to help me. I will get busy with the holiday traditions and I will do it with a smile and a happy heart! I know that joy is contagious so if I simply fake it...maybe it will rub off on me as well! Off to turn on the Christmas music and decorate the house a little more...Merry Christmas, no more Bah Humbug for me!


Hannah E. said...

One day last week, Ame came over and we wrapped presents together. We're a little weird, but makes the Christmas "chores" more fun when doing it with a friend. So let me know if you need me to do any of that with you! =) Maybe that's what kind of party I need to have next year at Christmas - one where everyone loads up all their stuff they have to work on (cards, lists, present-wrapping, etc.) and we all work on it together. The beauty of it is that there would be no kids there. Remind me of that brilliant idea next year. =)

brianna saban said...

i wish i was there to take the family pic for you! you know i would right?

is it the weather maybe?
it's been like 70 degrees here--and so it just doesn't 'feel' like Christmas, ya know?

we're all entitled to a crappy mood now and again...

cheer up camper.
love ya,