Monday, July 27, 2009

A Girly Room

I finished Rebecca's room last week and thought I would share pictures. I am so happy with the results and I think she really likes it too.a> Here is the view from the door.
Another picture from the door.
The other side of the room.

A close up of her stars and the "R"

Another wall with a more clear view of the stripes. I followed the patter of 5", 2", 7", and then 3" stripes to give a little variation. The light pink horizontal stripe is 10" wide. Lots and lots of taping, painting, and touching up, but happy with the results in the end.

This is the scripture board I painted for Rebecca when she was an infant. I love that I can still use it. We could use some curtains or something to soften up those cheap mini blinds, but they do the job so we will see if that happens or not.

I love kids rooms. I think they leave so much freedom to be creative. I will be working on Aidan's room over the next few weeks and will post pictures when I am done. It won't be nearly as busy as Becca's room but it will involve a few stripes. 2 rooms done and several more to go. All the fun of an older house.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Beach Vacation

We had a great vacation earlier this month. We drove down to South Padre and had our fill of fun and sun. It was a much needed break for me. I enjoyed nap time in the hotel almost as much as the fun at the beach. It was the first time this summer I could totally relax, because there was NOTHING that needed to be done. I have been meaning to post pictures for a while. I suppose it is better late than never. Brace yourself for the picture overload!

All three amigos at the hotel pool

Trace and Aidan at one of the many seafood restaurants we ate at.

Me and Becc

And the little mister

In front of the boat we were about to board for our dolphin watch and fireworks show. I did not get to see the dolphins because of where we were sitting, but Trace and Aidan claim to have gotten a peak.

The only picture of Trace and I together...taken by Rebecca our budding photographer.

Daddy and his little girl
Hanging out on the boat. One of my favorite pictures, I just think it is so cute.
The little surfer boy heading out to catch some waves

Becca spent much of her time on her belly waiting for the waves to come and make her go. She loved splashing in the waves.

Running back to mommy

Splashing in the waves. I can't believe I did not get one single picture of Aidan and his beach bucket collecting seashells. That was a favorite activity for him and he came back home with tons. We also started calling Aidan the safety patrol while we were vacationing. Every time Andrew went anywhere near a wave Aidan got extremely protective fearing he would be washed out to sea. Andrew found this highly frustrating when his big brother would attempt to coral him.

What a peaceful view. It was loads of fun.

Rebecca and I attempted to build a mermaid out of sand. You can see her next to Becca in this picture.

We had a fantastic time and are already talking about our next trip to the beach.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Family Date

Sweet Rebecca got the idea of a "family date" from the movie Enchanted. On that movie the guy explains to the Princess what a date is and Rebecca decided she was missing out since she has never been on a "date". I love how innocent she is and that for her a family date was the perfect solution. Rebecca made the plans and we headed out for our date. We went for dinner at a small Mexican restaurant that serves pancakes all day long, which is always a hit with my kids. After that we went to the bowling alley. This was our first time to attempt bowling as a family and it was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of my little bowlers:

Andrew bowled with me since the balls were too heavy for him alone. Here we are watching our ball go. He had a hard time waiting his turn at first, but eventually he figured out how it would work and then he did great.

And here is Rebecca...

Look at those skills

And my precious Aidan

Enjoying the game

Hello out there blog world!

Just checking in to say hi...that is if anyone is still out there. It has been a terribly long time since I blogged. We have been oh so busy with our move and an attempt to reclaim a little order in our home. We have managed to get down to the last few boxes and I hope that soon I will get to begin decorating a bit.

We love the house that the Lord has provided for our family. I am very happy with the layout and LOVE being about 5 minutes away from just about everything we do. I have a long list of rooms to paint, but that will have to be a process. I am hoping to have my bedroom painted today or tomorrow( all that is left is the trim around the doors). We leave for South Texas on Wednesday. When I return completing the painting in Beccas's room will be at the top of my agenda.

We also got to go for a quick trip to Clovis for Trace's High School reunion and to visit his family. Suzan, Trace's sister, met us in Clovis also. She and Trace's parents helped out with the kids while we went attended the reunion. I have gotten so bad about taking pictures but here is one of Aidan, Becca, and Suzan during our stay. They just adore her.
Here is a picture of Trace and I before the gathering the first night.
I did finish a couple easy and quick lamp projects. I will finish by sharing those pictures. My mom recently cleaned out my grandmothers house and I inherited a few things. One was this lamp. Here it is before needing an update:

And now with a new shade and a coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.
I picked this up for $2.00. Red was the wrong color, but it was $2.oo so I bought it.

I bought some fabric and some black spray paint and here it is now. Please ignore the blue half painted wall. Don't worry, it won't stay like that. A big improvement for a little girls lamp and a few bucks.

I will post more before and afters of the rooms as I complete them, lamps are all I have gotten completed at the moment. Have a happy Monday!