Monday, July 27, 2009

A Girly Room

I finished Rebecca's room last week and thought I would share pictures. I am so happy with the results and I think she really likes it too.a> Here is the view from the door.
Another picture from the door.
The other side of the room.

A close up of her stars and the "R"

Another wall with a more clear view of the stripes. I followed the patter of 5", 2", 7", and then 3" stripes to give a little variation. The light pink horizontal stripe is 10" wide. Lots and lots of taping, painting, and touching up, but happy with the results in the end.

This is the scripture board I painted for Rebecca when she was an infant. I love that I can still use it. We could use some curtains or something to soften up those cheap mini blinds, but they do the job so we will see if that happens or not.

I love kids rooms. I think they leave so much freedom to be creative. I will be working on Aidan's room over the next few weeks and will post pictures when I am done. It won't be nearly as busy as Becca's room but it will involve a few stripes. 2 rooms done and several more to go. All the fun of an older house.


Kate said...

so precious! I love the way you painted the stripes.

McFarland Family said...

Beautiful :) Her room looks so wonderful and your projects are inspiring!

Astrid said...

Oh so cute! I'm working on my girls' bedrooms as well! They're a lot of fun, aren't they?

Kaki said...

Wow, such an adorable and girly room! I love the stripes!

Heidi said...

what a lot of hard work with the stripes! Nice job & cute color combo's. ;)

Randi said...

Very cute ... I like the varying stripes.

Hannah E. said...

You must be TIRED!! The room is beautiful!