Monday, July 6, 2009

A Family Date

Sweet Rebecca got the idea of a "family date" from the movie Enchanted. On that movie the guy explains to the Princess what a date is and Rebecca decided she was missing out since she has never been on a "date". I love how innocent she is and that for her a family date was the perfect solution. Rebecca made the plans and we headed out for our date. We went for dinner at a small Mexican restaurant that serves pancakes all day long, which is always a hit with my kids. After that we went to the bowling alley. This was our first time to attempt bowling as a family and it was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of my little bowlers:

Andrew bowled with me since the balls were too heavy for him alone. Here we are watching our ball go. He had a hard time waiting his turn at first, but eventually he figured out how it would work and then he did great.

And here is Rebecca...

Look at those skills

And my precious Aidan

Enjoying the game


Hannah E. said...

What Mexican restaurant is that?? I need to know about it!

Christa said...

It is La Frontera we ate there one Thursday night with the girls. They serve breakfast 24hours a day. We enjoy it.